The Casper Dog Bed – An Honest Review

September 20, 2022
September 20, 2022

When you think memory foam, you think Casper, right? So when it comes to a quality dog bed, why wouldn’t you think Casper too?

Yep. Casper, made famous for it’s high quality human beds, make a bed for our best friends too.

So, I did think of Casper’s dog mattress! So when I started looking into reviewing dog beds to try and shortlist the best dog beds, they were one of the first brands that came to mind. When I reached out, they were also keen! Which was great news.

The Casper bed comes in different sizes, we got the largest size of bed and sadly Indie (my shepherd) sits right at the top end of the weight limit for this bed, so this one was mainly hound tested as they sat nicely at 75lbs within the weight bracket Casper suggests.

Casper bed comes in a number of pieces, here's indie helping me put it together.
Casper bed comes in a number of pieces, here’s indie helping me put it together.

The delivery was pretty easy, and putting it together (once I figured out the bolster situation) we were ready to go! (The size limits are important here, because the Casper dog mattress is made of pressure-relieving memory foam, so do adhere to their guidelines).

I let it puff up for about a day and then introduced all my dogs to the new bed that would be available.

It became Lucy’s every-night bed, and the others lay on it intermittently, so it gets a good amount of use!

Intro To Casper Dog Bed

Casper Dog Bed (Memory Foam)
8.4/10Our Score
  • Durable
  • Love the bolsters
  • Supportive
  • Nice colors
  • Comfy
  • Made in the USA

I love the Casper dog bed, it's a really great example of what it does. It's not over sized either, so even with one or two large dogs on it, it still has some space, but it's not totally  devouring my floors either - which I love. 


Why Do Dog’s Need A Bed?

Well, for me, not only is sleep super important factor in your dog’s behaviour, but it’s also meant to be the space where they can lay, undisturbed – a safe space – like a crate! Personally I prefer a bed to a crate for most grown dogs, and have gone through un-crate training ours.

A good bed not only helps support joints, ease the aging process and give them this comfortable space, but a comfy bed means better sleep, deeper sleep and

What Do I Love About The Casper Dog Bed?

It’s a good size

I love the size of it. I have big dogs, and I’m aware of that, but a dog bed that’s the same size as my bed? Is just not necessary! This bed is sizeable enough that two of my dogs can lay on it comfortably, Or, one dog can stretch right out and enjoy the space – without it absorbing my entire floor.

Comfy bed makes a happy pup
Comfy bed makes a happy pup

Machine Washable (and dries nicely too!)

Not only is the cover a removable cover, but it’s also a washable cover!

Whilst there’s a lot of zippers on this bed and it makes it fussy to take apart, it does wash up well, and doesn’t tend to hold the dirt.

One of my dogs (I don’t know which) managed to get a good stain on it that I cannot get off (I have a feeling it’s creosote (talk about tough stains!)? Do not ask where my dogs found it, I don’t even know!) which has made a nice black mark – but other than that, it washes clear of dirt, of fur and stands up to wet and rainy days too.

And all I do is throw it in the washing machine, on a gentle cycle, with some detergent (scentfree, remember!), and hang it out on the line and it comes in as good as new.

Considered Construction

When I put the bed together I looked at the top and thought a little “Hmm” to myself, because it seemed the top part wasn’t a snug fit. There was this weird excess material on there…

But after doing a little research, I learned this was actually deliberate. What casper have done is added in extra material, and extra space in the fabric to create a bed that doesn’t tear easily, that allows dogs to nest! Which is wonderful, because my coonhounds absolutely make their bed. And even Indie (who I’ve seen only do it a handful of times) will do similar on this bed.

Stands Up To Diggers

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a coonhound’s claws, but, my girls have super black, thick claws that are about as robust as dog claws get. And I’ve watched Lucy dig and dig and dig this bed, and it’s not so much as pulled a thread out of place.

Normally, I’d redirect her to a blanket, but I haven’t deliberately with this bed to see if it could hack it – and it can.

I’m actually pretty astonished at this because Lucy’s torn several of our bed sets.

Deep bolsters on the casper dog bed means that your dog can find this super snuggly
Deep bolsters on the casper dog bed means that your dog can find this super snuggly

Love The Bolster

I love bolsters on dog beds, primarily because I know my dogs love to rest their head higher than their body, any time they have the opportunity to do so, they do (unless sleeping on their side) which I imagine is to do with the spine alignment (much like it is for people).

But not only does it make a convenient head rest, but if your dogs are inclined to sleep against something, the bolster gives them the support for them to be able to do this! I love that.

What Don’t I Love About The Casper Dog Bed?

Not that supportive

Whilst it’s adequate, I know there isn’t much resistance or structure given by the bed, which I’m not that keen on. How I know this is when I compare it to both the big barker bed, and to the bed I cobbled together from upholsterer’s foam, if you step on it? You feel the floor, as opposed to a bit of wibble that both other beds give.

The weight limits are low

We got the large bed… and now… Indie’s not even that big for a shepherd, sure there’s a good chunk of muscle there, but I know for a fact that this isn’t supportive enough to support a dog his size.

For a pet bed? I would expect that they don’t stop at the size of a golden retriever, and miss out all the larger breed section of dogs – especially when a german shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in America… Seems like a swing and a miss, y’know?

Wet pups are no problem for the Casper dog bed!
Wet pups are no problem for the Casper dog bed!

Do I Recommend The Casper Dog Bed?


It’s a very comfortable bed, and a great option with a bolstered edge that’s made even better by easy cleaning.

It’s definitely better than any dog bed you’ll pick up in your local super market, it’s far, far superior to these, and sure, it’s a higher price point than other beds, but you will end up buying multiple of the more affordable beds in lieu of one of casper’s dog bed.

It’s also going to be a fantastic option for our furry friends as they become older dogs because they need that extra support that an orthopedic bed will provide.

There’s only one real caveat, I would only recommend it for medium dogs and smaller dogs really. As soon as you start tipping that needle into large breeds? Then I’d say this bed might not be your best option. But for any smaller breed of dog it’s a fantastic choice. Have I mentioned just how impressed I am at the cover material of it this uber durable dog bed? If you’ve got a digger, this one’s a good option for pet owners – and it looks good in your living room too.

If you want your very own Casper Dog Bed, head to Chewy, Amazon or Casper’s own website! You won’t regret it.

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!


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