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Hey! I’m Ali Smith, the Positive Puppy Expert. 

I’m a multi-award winning professional dog trainer. I’ve helped to train over 1200 dogs, and I’m the proud owner of the worlds top pet blog!

I’m here to help you and other puppy owners to make the very best out of that little bundle of fluff (and teeth!)  so that you can raise a fun, capable, confident and fun member of your family – in the easiest and most reliable way possible.

And to do that affordably.

Ali from Rebarkable and her dog Indie

I’ve helped to train over 1200 dogs. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of dogs who might have been mislabelled as “Scary”. I prefer to call them grouchy.

So, so often these dogs were a product of two main things.
1 – poor breeding

2 – a minor disconnect between puppy & parent that escalated.

After helping to tidy up these issues, and working so hard with the grouchy dogs parents, and lots of effort on their parts, we got to see some awesome results in these dogs.

Ali Smith of Rebarkable as a child

I will say it was emotionally exhausting. It was avoidable, but not avoided.

Worse, far too many didn’t react out to a trainer because of a lack of funds. And I have been there too!

That was the reason I trained to work with grouchy dogs, because I had a grouchy dog of my own to train and couldn’t afford a trainer. I found it was cheaper to train me, to train my dog, than it was to get an actual trainer!

Not to mention that I could guarantee quality if I did the work myself – which you couldn’t with a trainer until they got to your door, zeroed your bank account and didn’t get you results.

Ali Smith of Rebarkable as a child
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Ali Smith and Indie from Rebarkable

I sat there one night, and I knew what was needed. Awesome, exceptional puppy classes that were financially accessible to everyone. More than just a 6 week course that teaches to you make your puppy sit, to do a really basic recall and to walk nicely on the lead in a classroom environment – which never replicates in the real world.

I knew I could do puppy classes! I’d theoretically have to charge a small fortune and I could probably turn out about 50-100 puppies a year (if I were to do it properly). Was that enough though? Was that going to help us turn the tide? Then (crude as it is) could I make a living doing that? 

The answer to both of those questions were no.

That was going to mean that they were neither accessible (financially) nor were they going to be reaching enough people.

The question became, How could I support new puppy parents through the process of raising a puppy, any puppy, all puppies to become confident, capable dogs and help their parents to understand their dog, to craft considerate, confident and successful doggy parents?

Oh! Then we have to do it positively too (because it’s the only way to train a dog!).

This idea swam around in my head, surrounding by stars and bright lights. If I could do it? These dogs and their parents were going to be remarkable.


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