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Would you like 52 weeks of trainer support in raising your puppy? 

So, you’ve just gotten a puppy! Hooray! They’re the best, and cutest little puppy in the whole wide world! 

Except, you’re struggling because puppy is pooping under the dining table, or nipping at you and their behaviour is changing day by day… you don’t know what to expect and it’s tough to keep up! 

Your solution is right here.

German shepherd puppy

52 weeks of support, emailed directly to your inbox from a professional trainer who wants to arm you with the best information and training that science can provide.

I’ll cover your learning about your dog from week 1 to 1 year of age where I will support, break down, simplify and explain it all for you – so you can understand and make the best decisions for you and your puppy. 


Well, ok, not totally easy – you will need to do the work with your dog and make that commitment to learning.

Here to help

I’ve worked with hundreds of dogs and seen so many great results from my private sessions and worked with over 1200 dogs and their owners on my last 5 day loose lead challenge (which got a wonderful 5 star rating from it’s participants!).

I’ve committed to learning more about these wonderful animals, and I want to share that with you. 

I know what your puppy is capable of and now I’m here to help you and your puppy join the ranks of rebarkable dogs. 

Want a rebarkable dog at the end of your pup’s first year? Do you want to understand what they need, how they communicate and how to get the best out of your puppy? 

Sign up to the pupdates, this will be the best investment you make in your dog’s life.

Need proof?

We have all learnt so much from your videos, you are clear, authentic and encouraging.

Our family ranges from 6 yrs old – 43 yrs old and your style engaged us all.

The emails, were also really helpful for me and have consolidated the info learnt.”

– Rachael Ives & Vinnie The Labradoodle

About the Pupdates


Positive training methodology


These are optimal for America but still applicable worldwide!


Includes a facebook group for rebarkable parent co-support

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