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How To Use A Kong For Your Puppy (Including 46 Delicious Filling Suggestions!)

Kongs are great – if you know how to use them. Let’s break them down and give you a great intro to Kongs!

The Essential Guide to Canine Body Language – Review of Lilli Chin’s Fantastic “Doggie Language”

Dogs talk a different language, they speak through body language, it’s something we humans have yet to master – but this book should help, and here’s why.

Does Online Puppy Or Dog Training Work? A Professional Insight

Online puppy training courses are kind of everywhere right now, but does it actually work? Here’s my professional opinion on that, and why I think so.

12 Socialization Questions To Set Your Puppy Up For Success

There are so many questions with socialization – it’s hard to know when to start or what to do. So here’s the FAQ for you to help you on your way.

How To Socialize Your Playful Puppy – Socialization Simplified!

Figuring out how to socialize your puppy can feel like a mammoth task, I’m here to demystify, explain and simplify it – as always!

Best Online Dog Training 2021 (By A Professional Trainer)

What’s the best online dog training? What a minefield! Let me walk you through your best choices in my professional opinion.

6 Easy Tips For When Puppy Training Becomes Stressful, Exhausting, And Stops Working

How do you get over that hump? It’s stressful raising a puppy. That combo of stress, exhaustion, and when those little puppy ears turn off. Here are your answers.

The Pandemic Puppy That Bites And 7 Tips To Avoid Dog Bites

It’s no secret that puppy sales have skyrocketed worldwide, but we’re also seeing an increase in dog bites – are they related? If so, how do we stop this worrying trend?

New Puppy Parents Wish They’d Known These 10 Things Before Bringing Home Their Puppy.

New puppy parents often go in with blinkers on, and this is here to demystify puppy parenting with these being real answers from puppy parents.

10 Tried & Tested, Delicious Kong Recipes For Your Puppy!

Sometimes knowing what to put in a kong isn’t easy, here’s my absolute favourite recipes for our pups to inspire you!