BUMAS Biothane Muzzle – An Honest Review

January 3, 2023
January 3, 2023

When it comes to muzzles, it can be hard to know where to start or where to invest money, so I’m here to help with some insight into the BUMAS muzzle.

The first thing to note i that the BUMAS muzzle is entirely custom made, and it’s made from Biothane. The parts are rivetted together and secured with your choice of a pinch clip or a metal buckle (For safety reasons, I’d always pick a pinch clip over a metal buckle!)

Why Choose A Pinch Clip Over A Metal Buckle?

Because a classic metal buckle is held with tension, if you add in a pulling force (such as a panicking dog that’s snagged on something), it’s going to be a case that you’ll be fighting your dog’s strength to release the metal buckle, where as the pinch clip, is not significantly different in strength, but allows for a quicker release should something go wrong. And don’t get me wrong, the chance is small, but, overall? I’d always rather have the safer option available to me.

What Is Biothane?

Biothane is a plastic covered, pliable strap, with a core of nylon webbing. This makes it incredibly strong, lightweight, very durable and very weatherproof.

Biothane (also referred to sometimes as vegan leather) has a few quality grades, but that used with the BUMAS muzzle is of a high grade, which is great, and very tactile!

Why Opt For A Customisable Muzzle

Well, where a lot of muzzles have the issue that they do one thing really well, but compromise others? You can negate most of that with the extra features that the BUMAS muzzle offers.

Not only this, but you can fit the muzzle perfectly for your dog – and they’ll help you with this!

It also means you can totally tailor the colours for your choice, with 29 colors currently available, it’s definitely the most colourful and customisable muzzle I know of – So if you do like matching gear, and you want to match it to your favourite harness, you absolutely can.

Introducing the BUMAS Biothane Dog Muzzle

BUMAS Biothane Muzzle
BUMAS Biothane Muzzle
BUMAS Biothane Muzzle
Our Score

The Bumas muzzle is made of biothane, which makes it incredibly light, comfortable, easy to clean, and it's clever construction means that it offers a lot of strength and bite-proofing. 

It is expensive when you start looking at larger dogs, but if your dog is going to be wearing a muzzle for a long period of time daily, or training through a lot of issues, then this Bumas muzzle is genuinely your best bet. 

Indie Is Wearing:
Open nose, Closed mouth, forehead strap, extra safety strap & lowers in Blue & Tangerine.

This was our “Order”, specifically so you can see our custom muzzle. This was taken in March 2022, so prices may vary!!

What I Love About The BUMAS Muzzle


Because of it’s wonderful craftmanship, the BUMAS muzzle is one of the lightest I’ve tried. Now, weight might not be a significant factor for a lot of dogs, however, a lighter muzzle is a more comfortable wear because it offers less pressure or presence around their mouth and in front of their eyes.

Beautiful Fit

The shaping on this muzzle is perfect, it’s been well considered an comes with a lot of added feature. It gives plenty of pant room, drinking space and even treat provision.


I love how custom and colourful this muzzle is, and can be. The muzzle consists of a number of areas which can be coloured differently to match. Not only does this help with your general aesthetics, but it can also help get past the stigma associated with muzzles. Because the bumas muzzle has a much more friendly look to it, it doesn’t look as threatening, and can help lessen the impact of your dog (and you) being judged for using a muzzle.

In fact, I’ve heard so many compliments on this muzzle, and never once have I heard it about the other muzzles I’ve tested.

Note: I opted for the orange and blue not just because it works really well with my branding (sue me!), but because it’s also within the visual spectrum of dogs. This was done with the hope that it would make it very easy for other dogs to distinguish the muzzle and it’s parts, to show them that Indie wasn’t being stoic or unfriendly.

Fit for an adventure

The Bumas muzzle, because of the biothane, is weatherproof, drinking proof, swim proof, cold proof, drool proof, easy to wash and it doesn’t hold smells. I cannot say more than that. It’s never had a day of issues, and I’m really never worried about ventilation either. Indie never appears to be unusually out of breath when using it.

Bumas muzzle on indie the german shepherd former reactive dog
The colours on this muzzle are divine. It’s quite large, gives plenty of pant room, and you can see how immaculately and precisely the rivets are placed.

Fits All The Awkward Doggos

I find that because Indie has a wide face, a shorter nose than the average German Shepherd, but not a flat nose, he often falls between sizes for this or that (As you can see with the Ray Allen Wire Basket Muzzle), so if you’re struggling to fit a muzzle for your dog, and find one that has roughly the right dimensions, then a custom design like this? Will make that a heck of a lot easier. It absolutely did with Indie.

Adjustability even though custom fit

One of my truly favourite features is that the BUMAS muzzle is adjustable easily around the back of the head and around the safety strap, so if Indie were to change his head shape for any reason, then I can adjust the safety strap and the straps around the head.

What I Don’t Love About The BUMAS Muzzle.

Expensive for larger breeds

The more biothane you’re using, the higher the cost. So, it follows that the bigger the dog, the higher the cost.

There’s no denying that when I first ventured into muzzles, and looked at this one when sized for Indie and looked at the price tag of a few hundred pounds and I balked and ruled it out, but, as an owner of one now? Can I say it’s worth the money? Hmmm, yes but it’s still a huge outlay when your dog is larger.

However, if you have a smaller breed dog (first, thank you for recognising small dogs need to be listened to too!), they can be quite affordable.

But nothing else?

Honestly, there’s not much I can criticise on the BUMAS muzzle, but I do have to discuss a thing because of certain communities…

A Note On Biteproof-ness

Some people will tell you that this muzzle is not bite proof and say if your dog is a bite risk you shouldn’t get this muzzle.

And sure, it’s not. If you allow a dog to practice and practice and figure it out, they likely will be able to put something into their mouth because of the flexible nature of biothane.

However, that should not be a reason not to buy the BUMAS muzzle. Because, truth told, no dog should be in a position to bite long enough to test the biteproofness, or puzzle out the muzzle. Not only will this be dangerous and frustrating for your dog, but a muzzle, in my opinion, should be bite prevention not necessarily bite proof – unless we’re doing bite sports.

If we know we have a bite risk dog (like a reactive dog) we should be using a muzzle for an ultimate back up – not putting your dog in a position to bite over and over just because they’re wearing a muzzle.

The Bumas muzzle can look a little chunky when it’s fitted right, but it’s large size means your dog can breathe freely even at a full pant.

Do I Recommend the BUMAS Muzzle?

I absolutely do.

If you have the budget and if your dog is likely to need a muzzle for a long term training exploration – this is the muzzle you want. It’s really practical and comfortable, lightweight, and it will last as long as your dog does (and longer). They’re the only company that readily produce muzzles that are incredibly well fitted or custom fitted in this manner, and honestly, they’re my go-to for a dog who will be wearing a muzzle for a considerable length of time during their life.

This sort of muzzle likely wouldn’t be appropriate for bitesports, or for leaving your dog unattended with a potential problem, but for training through reactivity, for vet visits etc? I’d be comfortable using this.

If you want your own BUMAS muzzle, check out the BUMAS store! If you’ve not quite decided, why not go see the Best Dog Muzzles list!


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