Tactipup Extreme Tactical Leash (Frog Clip) – An Honest Review

January 19, 2022
January 19, 2022

When it comes to strong leashes, the tactipup extreme tactical should be one of the strongest leashes available.

I’ve been looking at extra strong leashes because with a large dog, who was reactive, I always like to know what the strongest, most reliable options are on the market so I know where to point people and what to recommend based on situations.

This lead me to Tactipup. Boasting that they’re “Overbuilt” really appealed to me with a 90lb dog who has broken a leash before.

Boasting a Kong Frog clip (originally used in climbing sports) it’s got a really great strength to it. And choosing the purely flat one (not the swivel variety) like I have means that we have less parts to go wrong. Already sold? Not surprised. Check it out.

The Metrics…

tactipup extreme leash kong frog clip
Looking to buy one? They’re pretty cool. Head over to Tactipup’s site and see what you think.




Clip Type: Kong Frog

Material: Nylon webbing

Length: 6ft (comes in 4ft also)

In short…

This leash may not be the most comfortable in hand (at least so far) but it is so reliable and strong. The simplicity of it’s design, the strength in it’s materials? Is something you can feel. Whilst I’ve been using this particular leash, I’ve never felt out of control. That frog clip? Is magic.

Tactipup literally brand themselves as overbuilt dog gear and on this instance, it’s totally true.

In Detail

About The Frog Clip

Whilst the clip itself is quite chunky in terms of weight (74g for a frog clip vs 68g for a regular snaphook), so it may not be advisable for smaller dogs. But, the important part here is that the frog clip has a strength rating of 25kN – which is a very technical term – but equates to 5,620lbs or 2,500kg. this means that for Indie, a 90lb dog, he’d have to create a speed, impact or force of approximately 50x his own weight in order to break the clip. That? Is a huge ask.

reactive malinois

Is Your Dog

If you’re looking for a
muzzle for your reactive
dog, this is just your first
step in your journey.

What Do I Love About The Tactipup leash


It’s constructed of three layers of nylon, one central that runs through everything except the frog clip, and one extra long one of the desired colour that runs down one side of the leash, through the hole of the kong clip, and into the handle where it all get stitched together. It doesn’t flex, it doesn’t stretch. It gets dirty, but it doesn’t seem to snag and so far isn’t looking tatty.


It’s got very little going on. It’s a handle, the handle is the same material as the length of the leash, which is attached into the kong frog clip, which in turn has two moving parts – which together are really strong, but will totally function with just one. It’s got that built-in failsafe which I love.
The simplicity of design means that the stressors are only through two parts, minimising the parts that can fail.

the tactipup extreme leash attached to the onetigris destroyer harness
the tactipup extreme leash attached to the onetigris destroyer harness – these two work quite nicely together actually.

Product & Community Pride

They claim to source as many of their materials as possible within the US – which is phenomenal. Allowing their success to have a ‘ripple effect’ in their own community. Which means as well that you’re not getting cheap parts, and they take pride in turning out a quality piece of work – and that in itself? Is an unusual thing in this day and age, right? That makes me happy. They want to take care of their customers, and they want to take care of their community too. That’s the very best kind of manufacturer.

What Don’t I Love About The Tactipup Leash

It is pricey…

Now, I got it on sale for $50 + shipping – which when you consider that the kong clip itself is $30 on amazon, this isn’t that bad. But at the same time, for a leash? That’s not cheap. I would only be advising this if you’re spoiling yourself or you have a dog who you truly need to secure, for example a large reactive dog. I do feel like there may be a bit of extra cost associated with them because of who they are and how ‘insta-famous’ they are, but I won’t know that for sure until I test others on the market!

The Lack Of A Swivel – Kinda…

Now, I actually deliberately picked the leash without the swivel – because the fewer moving parts you have the more reliable the leash.

However, it does mean that when your dog inevitably wiggles or spins or does a thing, that you’ve got a twist in your line. It’s good to note that you can totally undo this in a second by swivelling the leash around your wrist? But it’s still a small drawback to this style of leash. Just one I elected for so I had fewer points of risk.

They do also sell one with a swivel, not that I would opt for it, given the choice!

The Xdestroyer harness has attachment points at the front, and this shows the three handles quite nicely
the tactipup extreme leash is a really solid leash, it does twist but it is a very, very realiable leash that I’ve rather fallen in love with.

Dye Run

Being blue, I’ve used it a number of times and it does rub off on your hands. That is true. I’ve wondered why my hands were looking like I was becoming a white walker, but this may not be an issue with other colours. And actually, after some research, I’m not sure you can just throw it in the washing machine either – I’ll do some research with them and report back! I would imagine so? But I would pop it in a pillow case to make it less clunky in the machine!

Frog Clips Can Be Awkward.

They don’t necessarily mesh well with all collars or harnesses. They like a big D-ring or attachment point – smaller ones are still useable, but it will drop the functionality of being able to snap it into place without ‘closing’ it. A small thing, and doesn’t reduce the functionality at all. Just makes it a little more clunky!

Do I Recommend It

I actually really like this leash. And I’m really fussy about what I’ll use. Whilst it’s not the most comfortable in hand (I have faith it will soften though), it is a really solid, reliable leash that should be strong enough for any dog.

I wouldn’t use it for a small dog though! The clip is quite bulky and can get in the way. I wouldn’t go much under 60lbs for this – depending on the dog in question.

If you want one? Go here and grab it, because it’s a seriously solid leash.

If you want a little more help with equipment, or want a great harness or collar to pair this with, why not head over to our gear reviews! And if you need any more help, you can always get in touch and book a 1:1.

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

Thanks to depositphotos.com for the images!


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