OneTigris XDestroyer K9 Tactical Harness for Dogs – An Honest Review.

January 12, 2022
January 12, 2022

The OneTigris XDestroyer K9 harness for dogs is an interesting option for our woofs, right? 

If you’ve been looking into tactical harnesses, I know this one has surfaced for you! It’s widely available and widely mentioned as being a great harness. What’s even better? Is that as tactical harnesses go? This one is pretty affordable at $55.99

So it was pretty obvious for me that when I started looking into reviewing harnesses, that this one popped up as one that I needed to test out in order to give you the full review, the low down of the good and the bad. That way? You know whether this harness is the one for you and your dog. 

As always my opinions are my own, this product was supplied by OneTigris, but that does not mean that a word of my true opinion has been left out, adjusted or falsified in exchange for this! I’ve tested it doing a lot of activities in order to give you the best info! 

Now then, let’s look at this cool new harness… Though, first, let’s answer a burning question…

This is not a sponsored post, however, this harness was provided free of charge by onetigris in order for me to review!

What Is A Tactical Harness For Dogs?

Modelled after the military harnesses of the working K9’s, these harnesses are longer, contain more material (typically) to guard the body. They’re designed primarily to protect your dog and for hard terrain. They often come with the flexibility to implement the MOLLE system often used in the military. This means you can quickly turn these harnesses into a backpack, or just carry their favourite toy.

With that covered! Let’s move on to the star of the show… 

Introducing The OneTigris X Destroyer K9 Harness

The OneTigris XDestroyer K9 tactical harness for dogs as reviewed by rebarkable.

Pros & Cons

The XDestroyer K9 harness is a tactical harness, it comes with a lot of the normal benefits of a harness of this kind. But, it’s definitely got a couple of unique features that I’d love to explain to you!


✅ MOLLE System
✅ Tactical design
✅ Tummy Strap
✅ Velcro-tummy attachments
✅ Sturdy metal pinch clips
✅ Loads of adjustment space
✅ Customisable
✅ Can be a backpack
✅ Front Clip
✅ Handles Galore!


❌ Heavy
❌ Lots of clips
❌ Not crash-tested
❌ No reflectives
❌ Not appropriate for hot days

Useful Features


I love how hardy these harnesses are, branches, thorns, water (Though it does absorb, and take quite a while to dry, I will warn you!), so far, nothing has really created a problem for the OneTigris XDestroyer harness!

Great Range Of Motion Relative The Harness style!

Amongst the tactical harnesses available on the market, there is a wonderful range of motion on the XDestroyer harness. Whilst restrictive in the spine movement (because of the rigidity and length of the harness) it doesn’t really impact the legs in the motion of the front legs. Which I love to see.

MOLLE system

If you don’t want to carry a water bottle. If you want the adaptability to turn your dogs harness into a backpack with a tried and tested system that the military use. Why? Because it means they have total flexibility with gear. 

Whilst we’re not arming your pet for combat (heaven forbid!) it does have a great aesthetic, and you can make some great use out of it too – if you know how (and YouTube is an awesome place to start!)

How It Works

Like most harnesses it goes over your dogs head (it doesn’t have to! But there’s a lot of moving parts if you elect to clip it on piece by piece!), over their back, between their front legs and secures at the side. The sides have velcro – which is a wonderful feature and helps keep it in position, which is really handy if you have a wiggler.

It comes in four colours, black, grey, tan and olive (though they have more complex) – all fitting the military theme. 

The fit on the xdestroyer harness from OneTigris
The fit on the xdestroyer is quite nice, It sits well on a larger framed dog, which I like to see.

Favourite Feature

The XDestroyer is REALLY STRONG

I cannot tell you how robust this harness is. I would have no fear putting this on the biggest of dogs and knowing it would contain them. There is just a wonderful, from the fact that the tummy  has velcro on, giving it that extra strength and traction, to the fully metal pinch clips on the chest. This harness will not let you down even with a really large reactive dog? I would trust this to hold up. 

I mean, I’ve literally used the two handles on the back to lift my 40kg dog off the floor – and he didn’t even panic that much. So yes, its incredibly strong (and my back up plan for if Indie ever gets incapacitated!). 

Other Useful Features Of The XDestroyer

Freedom of Movement

The ‘arm’ holes are definitely some of the biggest I’ve seen on a tactical harness, which is great, because it offers a greater range of motion for our dogs, and should be less impactful on their joints. 

Three point harness

This is the first I’ve seen on this, and I suspect it’s to support various disabilities as well as facilitate scentwork.  

MOLLE System

If you don’t want to carry a water bottle. If you want the adaptability to turn your dogs harness into a backpack with a tried and tested system that the military use. Why? Because it means they have total flexibility with gear. 

Whilst we’re not arming your pet for combat (heaven forbid!) it does have a great aesthetic, and you can make some great use out of it too – if you know how (and YouTube is an awesome place to start!)

Indie in the OneTigris harness xdestroyer
A full out run was not hampered by this harness, you can see that it fits properly – even on a full stretch!

Who Needs The XDestroyer?

Those Who Like Military Stylings 

Mr Rebarkable is a veteran, and I know the style appeals to him because he enjoys showing me how his old military gear (also on the MOLLE system) fits in with Indie’s harness. This is the sort of harness that has a niche appeal – but a very strong appeal within that niche.

Dogs Who Do Scentwork

Having tested it in this environment, it works really well for nose to the floor and follow the trail-style work. It’s robust and will protect your dog from whatever bushes they go into in their attempt to follow the scent. It also has a really far-back point of attachment? Which will facilitate the pulling that you want your dog to do during scentwork. 

Dogs Who Do Protection Work

The handles make this a fantastic option for protection sports. It does and will allow for your dog to pull without injuring themselves. So those of you looking at IGP, Schutzhund or similar? This will work well for you. We tried it! It was fun – likely a little much for me and I don’t think Indie is cut out for it, but interesting nonetheless! 

Service dogs

Because of the size, shape, robustness, customisability, this is the sort of harness that will work really well, especially with the number of attachment points too. You can easily attach patches that detail what sort of work your dog is there to do (and the rights those labels may imply!). Of course with any service dog equipment, I still thoroughly suggest that you look at what you need a harness to achieve for your particular service dog! 

Escape Artists

Because of the long body and the tummy strap? It makes it incredibly difficult for your dog to escape. Whilst this strap doesn’t fall behind the last rib (like i would like it to in an ideal world) – the longer body will definitely make it more difficult for them to squirm out of. 

Reactive Dogs

I mean this one. This harness is so strong, it will give reactive dog parents the peace of mind they need in their equipment. It has two points also, which means that you can have a back up leash or attachment point if you’re at all interested in that. 

It also gives a lot of flexibility for leash attachment, handling and similar which is ideal when you’re training your reactive dog.
You’ll certainly never feel exposed when this harness is what’s containing your dog – though I would like to see a buckle upgrade, personally! 

Indie in the snow in OneTigris XDestroyer Harness
This harness is a wonderfully strong, durable harness, and even in the snow, it came in having absorbed no water.

Who It’s Not For.

Not all harnesses are suitable for all dogs, or all conditions. So, here’s a few things that I see as being potentially problematic.

Small dogs

The harness itself is really heavy. If you have a small dog? It might be best to compare the weight of the harness to your dog before committing to it. If the weight is too comparable to your particular dog? They’ll either require training to cope with the weight adjustment, or a lighter harness.

It is good to note that OneTigris do offer a smaller, lighter style, but I cannot feasibly test this as I don’t have a small dog! 

Neck Sensitive Dogs

The back hitch clips basically to the neck, like a collar, as opposed to most harnesses that secure behind the shoulder? It’s unusual and there other options to secure to, like the back of the harness (though this does minimise control) and the chest – which gives a whole lot of control but is a little awkward.

Hot Days

Like with most tactical harnesses that cover and protect the body in this way. I would be concerned about the coverage and the propensity for overheating and the risk of heatstroke that may come into play. So, maybe not the right one to be looking at if you’re in a frequently hot climate!

Do I Recommend The XDestroyer? 


Depending on what you’re looking for? This is a wonderfully strong harness that can be relied upon in all kinds of terrain, and in all kinds of situations. It’s pretty flexible for your needs, activities and adventures (and could double as an awesome Halloween costume – just saying!).

If you want to go grab the XDestroyer k9 harness, head over to and grab one! They’re at a reasonable $59.99 – which for this quality and sturdiness? I’m quite impressed with!

Not sure the XDestroyer is for you, or would you like to find the perfect leash to go with this? Why not go see our other reviews to find it!

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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