Your Puppy Support Network – The 6 Critical People You Need

May 3, 2021
May 3, 2021

When you first bring your puppy home it is pretty intense! And sometimes the thing that slips your mind is to get the right people into your puppy support network for when things … don’t go as smoothly as possible. 

I promise you? That if you do one thing it’s to get this sorted, as soon as possible. Create your network, be picky! Make sure you have the best people on board too. Sometimes this will cost you money, but it’s definitely worth it to make sure these are in place.

I’m also going to speak to you a lot about trust. Trust with dogs is … just so huge because you’re not always going to be able to see what’s happening. Your dog cannot tell you if something isn’t going right, or how you want it to. 

You need to be able to trust these people, professional or otherwise. It’s always better to be careful than sorry. So make sure you really analyse these people – and don’t feel bad about it either. 

Anyway! Let’s continue…

The cutest little keyholder! Really wouldn't suggest a dog as your responsible keyholder, humans are probably better for this position within your puppy support network.
The cutest little keyholder! Really wouldn’t suggest a dog as your responsible keyholder, humans are probably better for this position within your puppy support network.

1 – Responsible Keyholder

Usually a family member or close friend, this person needs to have a key, be dog confident and be someone who is regularly in your dogs life – please don’t implicate anyone who isn’t dog confident, and make sure they’re responsible too.

This person should be someone who you trust. They don’t need to be skilled with dogs per se? That will be covered by the people below, but they will need to have to know and understand the implications if you do get into a pickle, they need to understand what they’re committing to as part of your puppy support network.

2 – Vet 

An obvious one, but you need to find a vet who works with your way of training, feeding and ethos for your dog. Not all vets are the same! I promise you. So please be careful and make sure it’s someone you can gravitate to and trust. Make sure they’re qualified and that they’re open to receiving suggestions, because whilst you might not have the qualification that they do? You know your puppy better than they do. 

3 – Trainer 

You’d be surprised, but having a trainer in your dog’s life who knows your dog from the start can be super valuable! If you can start with training classes (good ones now, not the useless ones!) then perhaps the odd session for behavioural training or otherwise, you can seriously benefit if your dog gets into a polava.

A professional trainer is someone that can be totally invaluable when you need them. They can also be a great ‘character witness’ on the instance that something untoward happens. I’ll always advise checking with the IMDT or the CCPDT for wonderful trainers, though good trainers outside of these do exist too! Do make sure you find someone who will be a really wonderful members of your puppy support network.

BONUS! You also need a guide, right?

Let me guide you, let me help you through the trials of being a new puppy parent. It’s not easy! But information like this helps you to find something that works for you and your puppy.

My Pupdates (Weekly puppy update emails, no fancy systems to learn! Just an email) come straight to your inbox, and they will make your life easier by normalising what’s going on, understanding why it’s happening also, before giving you the answer as to how to proceed. I want you to be your puppy’s best advocate! And you can totally do it with pupdates.

4 – Groomer

Regardless of the sort of fur or hair your dog has, you should have one of these around. They can teach you, guide you, and they can advise what you might benefit from using and how often, or problem areas you need to tackle. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of grooming (beyond the obvious welfare issue!) is that this is the easiest way to teach your dog to be okay being handled all over. It’s great for them, and it’s great to get them clean and tidy too.

A relaxed grooming session. A great groomer is really important to be a part of your puppy support network. It doesn't matter if they're a dog who needs grooming, or not.
Spaniel puppy at the groomers, looking quite relaxed (which is really important!) your dog has to enjoy grooming, the more force free the better! Why not check out the Magic Of Holistic Grooming by Stephanie Zikmann, she’s a friend of mine and she’s wonderful and really shows us why dog’s need this way of grooming and why the industry needs to evolve!

5 – Dog Walker 

So underestimated as a part of your puppy support network! If you get incapacitate by flu, or broken bones, or you have to get out of the country last minute (and trust me, I’ve been there!) it’s prudent to have someone in this position who knows your dog and that your dog feels comfortable with. That your dog likes and that you trust.

Someone who can provide your dog with an engaging walk and strip a little of the energy out of them, or even just provide a little social time with other dogs outside of in your control. It’s so important to have other people who know how to guide or direct your dog. 

6 – Pet Sitter, home boarder, doggy hotel or kennel

Which of these you want to use depends on your personal preference and your dog. Some dogs do not do well in a group environ. Others will not do well in a kennel setting. Maybe paying someone to stay in your own home would be the best option for your dogs! 

Please do consider the environment, make sure you do tours and if you can, make sure they go for daycare every now and then so they can get used to the locale and that they’re comfortable there. You’ll also get the opportunity to troubleshoot and find a new place before a potential crunch time. They’ll also be in place when you have to go on holiday.

AdobeStock 52048768
laying out in the yard with the pet sitter! What a wonderful way to be, pet sitters are a unique part of your puppy support network, they can provide support when you’re struggling at home because of the puppy blues, or cherishing a bit of human socialisation. They’re a great option to break up a long day for pup.

All of this is so that when the brown stuff hits the fan, that there is someone your dog is comfortable with. Somewhere they can settle. Someone they trust and someone you trust. There is genuinely nothing worse than when you have to do something and you’re constantly worried about your poor puppy. 

It may even be worth getting two of these in your puppy support network to try and make sure there’s always availability.

Your Puppy Support Network Are There For You!

Remember! We rebarkable pups & paw-rents set up for success, right?

Let’s make sure all of our pups have a continued level of care whether we are there or not within your puppy support network. 

If you have anything else that needs to be considered, leave a message! Alternatively, share it with your friends – and remember your free download, people! That is so useful.


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