What Is Pawp? Is This Online Vet Any Good For New Puppy Parents? An Honest Review

June 29, 2021
June 29, 2021

Pawp have created an online portal where you can ask pertinent health questions with qualified Vets. 

As part of the slow, global change from physical to digital, one of the services that is now being offered online has now come to include Vets! And, it’s affordable too. 

It feels like a natural transition, but how effective is it? Is it any good? Is it as good as it says? Or is it built of false promises? 

I seen a lot of potential in this – particularly for you, dear puppy parent! So, I contacted Pawp to trial this for you guys, to see how it works and whether it would be an option to help you new puppy parents! I applied my knowledge, tested them out with a few scenarios – some complex, some less so, and I am finally ready to give you my verdict!

How Pawp Works

You log in to your account, you create your pet profiles, and you get access to a vet straight away (though not the emergency fund, that takes 14 Days). You pick from a list of topics that will cover most eventualities, from Diarrhea and bowel issues, throwing up, Limping, or puppy questions! There’s a whole topic there for puppy questions! 

You click through, opt to either message with or video call a vet.

There’s normally a brief holding period, and the vet’s there to chat.

This is the part where you tell them what’s up, and provide videos or photos to try and convey the issue. They’ll ask you the pertinent questions and clarify a few things, and you’ll get some answers! 

You’ll get advised what you should do that is best for your pet, and this may include an indication to visit a veterinarian, but if it does, you will be told how soon you have to go, allowing you to worry less, and hopefully save a little money by avoiding an unnecessary emergency bill. 

How It Helps Me.

I am actually pretty well versed in my pet’s health status by now. I know them well, I know their issues, and I can cope with most low level veterinary stuff myself (such as ear wounds, we get a lot of ear wounds because apparently hounds don’t feel when rose thorns lacerate their ears… daft dogs!). And I wondered if I was going to have to fake my account totally to give an accurate review – but – I’m delighted to say I’ve not had to! 

I checked in a couple of times with falsified issues, and a couple of times with real issues (they were minor things that I was pondering about) – but each time I was given an answer, I was pleasantly surprised that the answers were efficient and effective. 

Options were given for monitoring – which I love! And they very quickly told me how long I should wait, what I could expect and when to worry. 

That last part is really critical to me. 

Vets are expensive!

Who Would Benefit From Pawp? 

There are lots of people who would benefit from Pawp. But I’m going to focus on one, because that’s who you are. 

It’s Perfect For A New Puppy Parent. 

This is HUGE for you!! I really mean this. 

I don’t know how many times I work with puppy parents (in person or online) and they hit a medical question and they don’t know how to approach it. They have questions which either end up on Facebook, or they end up diagnosing it themselves online – which we all know leads us to the “oh no, my 15 week old puppy has cancer?!” statement… and they probably don’t. 

I field a lot of questions about what vomit is normal, what poop is normal, and what isn’t, trying to give new puppy parents that understanding of normality, and help them relax about non-problems. 

I’m like your Puppy Doula

But this is different to what I do, this can help you actually go “It’s X or Y” and quickly get an idea of whether it’s genuinely a problem, or not. 

It can save you all that pain. 

Pawp can answer those questions. 

It can save you money, frustration and confusion as a result. 

You’ll avoid unnecessary veterinary consults (which is great for so many reasons) 

You’ll only go to the vet when you actually need to, and your Pawp Vet will tell you how severe it is, they have a wonderful chart that indicates the severity. 

You’ll avoid emergency vet costs if they’re not necessary, and you’ll have peace of mind along with it. 

Vet listening to labrador puppy's heart - will this sort of vet visit be a thing of the past?
Could a vet trip be a thing of the past?

What I Love

Now, there’s lots to love. So, I’m going to hit the headlines and keep it snappy (haha, when have I ever done that! But I can try!)

Emergency Fund

With every subscription, there is $3,000 of potential cover for something Pawp classify as an emergency. 

Unlike a lot of insurance companies, it currently does cover preexisting conditions that go into emergency status – but it will not cover smaller issues that are not emergencies. Anything you go in and deem as an emergency (and go through the red button on the menu) also gets prioritised for the vets and you may experience your vet hopping off your chat and into an ‘emergency call’ which I think is really neat! 

Qualified Vets

All of these vets have been a vet for over 5 years, most apparently over 10 years. They’re quick to answer and they’re friendly too. I’m pleased with the quality of the vets, and they seem to not treat everyone as having zero knowledge? I like that too. There’s nothing worse than when a vet speaks down to you – and I’m happy to say that from my experiences with Pawp, this isn’t the case. 


This is perfect if you’re able to see and type but not hear, they offer both text and video call in order to facilitate your best way of interacting, I would suppose, but it offers those with different abilities to use their service also! 

Avoiding Unnecessary Expense

You can get it checked, get a professional opinion as many times as you want for no extra cost. 

Those weird nagging questions that you don’t want to ask? Just ask on Pawp! You’ll get quick advice that’s free and can quickly take the worry out or advise you what to do.

Which is way cheaper than heading to the vets every time they puke or poop a funny colour! 

Peace of Mind

For you, that is huge. No more do you have to fret about what’s going on because you’re uncertain of health concerns, you don’t even have to resort to facebook for the “uh, that’s weird” question as it plays on your mind as know it alls call you a bad pet parent, or worse tell you it’s something a thousand times more scary than it is.

Dr Facebook is totally redundant with this app. 

vet checking collie puppy, more stress, and much costlier than a pawp visit...
vet checking collie puppy, more stress, and much costlier than a pawp visit…

No Stress For Puppy.

Especially with the state of affairs with COVID right now and veterinary appointments – you don’t have to put your pup through any additional stress. There’s no problem, there’s no need to visit a vet unless you need to. Then, even if you do? You’re already somewhat educated on what the issue is before you get there!

What I Don’t Love

I am pretty sure this is all trivial, but I do like to give a full and rounded review of all the products I’m testing and reviewing on your behalf. 

It Needs To Be An App

It would be so much better if it were an app and not a website. I find it really odd – because surely it can be both? I’d love it if I could just ping it into my phone and leave it there in case of emergencies. That said – I have had confirmation that this is exactly where Pawp is heading! So fingers crossed that happens in the near future! 

Clunky to add more than 1 pet.

When you create your account it asks you for your pet’s info! But then… it doesn’t ask you to add more, or make it easy to add more. In fact you have to say to switch pet, and then create another pet profile. Which is kind of eh? 

Prescriptions cannot be made

This is a really interesting one because the likes of nurx can prescribe human medication online, but vets seemingly cannot. I am not sure what makes that different, but clearly it’s something! So, if medication is needed it’ll still be a trip to the vets. 

They Only Cover Dogs & Cats Currently.

If you have a big household of animals (like a lot of people in my area!) it would be nice for them to include rabbits at least? I’m not sure, but I feel like most small animal vets will do anything small animal, so narrowing it to dogs and cats only seems like an odd choice.

checking teeth with an online vet on video call - pawp can do that!
Checking teeth with an online vet on video call – pawp can do that!

What’s The Conclusion? 

Overall, I love it. I think it’s doing a wonderful thing for dog parents everywhere. 

What’s not to love about having a qualified vet on hand 24/7? For a whole $19 a month for up to 6 dogs and cats.

The interesting thing about that? Is that if you only have 1 dog, and pay $19 a month for over 13 years (longer than the lifespan of most dogs) and you claim that emergency fund once in their entire lifetime? You’ve made your money back. And that fund is available once a year. 

I cannot fault the idea, between this and some insurance? You’d actually be very well set up in case of emergencies. 

How do you sign up? 

You head to their website! You put in your details and you get access to everything! It’s pretty simple. That’s one of the benefits of it being online – no fuss, no muss, just veterinary care. 

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

Thanks to depositphotos.com for the images!


I am getting a tiny commission for this, but I have trialled it. I do love it. I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t. It’s good and it will genuinely help you to stop stressing over small things and get quick answers too. 
Check out the affiliate disclosure if you need more information! 


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