Let’s Talk Cost! How Expensive Is Puppy Training?

May 17, 2021
May 17, 2021

One of the considerations when finding the right puppy trainer, is going to be cost! And the cost varies greatly. 

First, it’s good to recognise that there are a bunch of ways to train your puppy and they all cost different amounts. 

The following are the main factors to consider when looking at cost:

1 – Time – The more time you and puppy get with the trainer, the higher the cost.

2 – Experience – the more experience the trainer has, the more the classes are going to be.

3 – Area – depending on where the class is? The cost will vary, so in an area where the class is in high cost real estate? Their bills will be higher, and they’ll have to earn more as a result

Puppy training is not the same wherever you go. I want to chat to you about that right now and explain some of the costs in a little more detail.

How Much Do Group Puppy Classes Cost?

$20-50 per class

labrador puppy at a high cost puppy class
Labrador puppy at a high cost force free puppy class, do you think it’s worth it?

So these are typically a few puppies in her room or field, trainers, sometimes assistants, sometimes some equipment, but normally, you’ll get some access, be put on a structured class which will not slow down if you’re struggling, or go faster if your puppy has already aced this. 

It does have the benefit of a higher level of socialisation, some added in distractions as well as for you to meet other puppy parents which can be really valuable! 

Why Do Group Classes Cost This?

Overheads, wages, anti-social hours (typically), staff and various other things are the main reason for these costs, they’re less than the below because you have less access, because the program is pre-structured.

What about the cost of Petco or Petsmart puppy training?

Prices vary, but so does the quality of the training. They are often the ‘go to’ place in the US, but it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing to go with an independent either. Petco uses only positive methods though! Yay for steps in the right direction!

If you need assistance finding a puppy class? Why not check out https://rebarkable.com/perfect-puppy-class/

How Much Do Private Puppy Classes Cost?

$70-120 per hour

labrador puppy learning some base level agility training in her back yard in a private session
Labrador puppy learning some base level agility training in her back yard in a private session! Private sessions can be awesome if you’re focusing on some specific problems or looking for some desired outcomes. They’re made for you and your adorable little puppy! Sure, they cost more than group, but committing to training is always worth it!

Depending on the experience and area you’re in, cost can change – not to mention the out of class support that is offered? Longer term commitments to private training will often mean that you get lower costs. 

The benefits of private classes is often simple things, like that you can change the environment, you can address issues in the home, or elsewhere! 

Why Do Private Classes Cost This?

Because the whole programme can be tailored to you and your puppy this takes more attention from the trainer, you can address only your pain points, and focus wholly on your puppy. Whether you want to learn how to introduce road safety, or you need help toilet training. It can all be done if you have a great trainer!  They’re also going to be at times to suit you. 

How Much Does A Doggie Bootcamp Or A Board And Train Cost? 

$1500-5000 per stay

Labrador puppy learning at a board and train, the most expensive way to puppy train, but what's cost compared to an awesome puppy!
Labrador puppy learning at a board and train, the most expensive way to puppy train, but what’s cost compared to an awesome puppy!

This is one of the most expensive options for any training. I am not a big fan of these? So I really will go into this a little bit more in another blog – but this one is the most intense of the three and can yield the quickest results. The idea is that puppy goes away for a certain time period and comes back with the agreed set of skills… The cost covers the boarding and the training element, so not all of that is going into training, and the same budget in private training? I’d arguably say would produce better results

Why Does Doggie Bootcamp Cost This?

Well, because they’re giving 24/7 care as well as training. The aftercare will also contribute towards the cost. As well as the specifics of what you’re trying to cover

What About Online Puppy Classes? 


puppy & mum learning on their online class with their morning tea!
puppy & mum learning on their online class with their morning tea! One of the best parts of online training? Is doing it in your PJ’s!

These are pre-prepared classes on demand, or small group live sessions where you either learn independently, or get some feedback online about the class. These can be restrictive depending on space, availability, or commitment – because let’s face it! Those pre-prepared classes don’t have any accountability… It can be really difficult to motivate for those things. It’s also so pre-dictated that sometimes it can feel like too much. But it does have the benefit of being there when you need it

Why Do Online Classes Cost This? 

These are often the cheapest available that aren’t totally Do It Yourself style training, but it does require a lot more accountability for you. This, in itself? Can be a big problem. They also don’t necessarily see the same things that they might in an in person class (though some online trainers are phenomenal!). 

In all honesty? These can work really well, especially if they set homework! 

Wow that costs a lot…

Yep, it definitely can, and it should be a considered cost of getting a puppy, because the cost is not how much it costs to bring them home, but how much it costs to create a great dog. You do have options though… 

And let’s not forget, puppy training is necessary

Does that mean there’s an alternative?

This one won’t shock you… 

Pupdates? They’re my online training!

But there’s no systems to log in, there’s no ‘programme’ per se. It’s a dip in, dip out, keep up, or rely on when you need it. It’s to keep you living your lives together and the whole thing becoming the easiest experience for you both.

If you don’t know Pupdates are my weekly puppy update email that covers age specific information for your puppy and helps you get through the first year of your puppy’s life, development, growth and training. 

I go through it all with you, week by week. I walk you through crate training, through loose leash walking, through equipment, socialisation, vaccines, how much to feed, how long you should walk them for, how much sleep they should get! Then about when you can expect changes, when the teething will get worse, when you should probably start getting a full night’s sleep, or when the other dogs might start getting grouchy with your puppy. 

So? What do you think? 

Whether this acts to supplement training, or it becomes your training, it’s going to help you and your puppy to rock that first year and become partners. 

Learning how to loose lead walk with my pupdates!
Learning how to loose lead walk with my pupdates! They’re cost effective and there to help you and your pup through the tough first year!

Why Do I Charge This For My Pupdates?

Well, it’s not that I’m under qualified, or that I undervalue my knowledge and services. It’s because I know that this is very much high value low dollar, because I value you and your puppy more than my bank balance. 

Did you know the biggest barrier to getting your a trained is money? 86% of people said that.

That the most common trait amongst surrendered dogs at the ASPCA is a lack of training? 98% of dogs aren’t…

And … that most of them are surrendered between 5 months and 3 years? 

I do not want that to happen any more. I want more puppies to get training!! I want you guys to have the best dog for you and I want to make that financially viable for you! 

I want your puppy to stay with you! And if it takes a weekly email to see you guys succeed? Let’s do that! 

Next, I have been there where I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t understand the different training methods or what socialisation was meant to be. 

So, it’s cheap to make it accessible. To give you the advantage that most puppy parents didn’t have. Easy stuff, right? 

I do have to do this in volume though to make it viable, okay peeps? So tell everyone! Let’s keep it cheap and let’s get all puppy parents signed up to pupdates! 

Do you know where you’re going? 

I think the best thing you can do? Is pupdates and a wonderful trainer. Because pupdates offer you much longer term support than a regular training class. So there you have it! My recommendation. 

Make sure to check out the pupdates, make sure to check your local trainers, and keep it positive!! Don’t go back to the dark ages, mmkay? Love you guys! Don’t raise your puppy alone, let me help!

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