Landshark Sport Dog Collar 1.5″ – An Honest Review

April 26, 2022
April 26, 2022

Having always owned big dogs, I like to ensure that I have a collar that can hold them; and that’s exactly what the Landshark Sport collar is.

A hard wearing tactical style collar, the landshark collar really caught my eye. It was one of those things I found by chance initially, because they actually offer a Fi compatible collar! Unlike my two coonhounds, Indie doesn’t wear a Fi collar, so after discussion with Landshark we went for their 1.5″ flat collar.

I also knew that Indie would give it a much better test than the hounds, so he got to test this one out (Also, he is what the collar was designed for originally!).

Handmade in Atlanta Georgia, these collars are designed and tested by Kaleb Thomas & Wes Kirkpatrick. Which means that these collars are supporting small business and home grown talent – which is always a bonus.

Please note, this product was sought by me, provided for free and reviewed honestly.

Introducing the Landshark Sport 1.5″ Dog Collar

Constructed of double layered nylon, the Landshark collar is specifically designed for the large and the strong. The Cobra buckle reinforces this, strength and none of it is let down by the D-ring and Glide slides. Every part of this is finished with care, with not a single missed or dropped stitch.

indie in the landshark sport 1.5 inch collar
indie in the landshark sport 1.5 inch collar – see the size of the D-ring in this collar? I love it, and the subtle orange trim is wonderful too.

What Do I Love About The Landshark Sport Collar?

If we’re starting, the place to start is the hardware. Not only is the main buckle a Cobra Buckle with an enormous load bearing capacity of 4000lbs – theoretically? You can lift a car with this buckle. Then there’s the D-ring and even the slider are ___ – when it comes to strength, genuinely I’ve not found a collar to date that’s as strong as this one.

The Nylon webbing is double layered throughout, which I’ve not seen on any other collar, and it lends the collar a strength that is undeniable.

This collar isn’t fancy in many, many ways. But I like that about it, the Landshark collar is simple but customisable, with subtle hints of vivid colour (that don’t fade, by the way) on top of it’s main black colouring.

Then you’ve got the opportunity to add patches too (which they also make), I opted for one with Indie’s name on it, but you can also use this as a slick-fitting ID tag and pop your contact info on there which is a much safer option than dangling tags – especially if you have a dog that loves to go through scrub and brush.

Another thing that makes it safer for big dogs is the width of the strap. Having the 1.5″ as an option, is something that makes any collar safer for larger dogs. Think of a seatbelt. What would you prefer to hold you in your seat if you crashed – a seatbelt of half an inch, or the regular 1.8 inch seatbelt?

It’s the same thing for your dogs neck. If they pull, a thinner collar is more likely to do more damage than a wider collar (I mean, ideally wear a harness if your dog is a puller and teach a loose leash, please!).

Now, this one may be controversial with some of you. But the collar doesn’t have a handle. It’s great! Collars don’t need handles, in my mind. Neither do harnesses. Because if you truly need a handle? All you need do is slip your hand inside the collar (or harness) – this way you don’t created added snag risks. This is something we found happened with the Tactipup Collar which had a handle which it snagged on a door hinge.

Lastly? Is seriously strong. I know I kind of covered this under the materials I mentioned above, but what I didn’t say was that this collar hasn’t yielded even slightly. Indie can pull, run, lunge (I typically test by throwing a ball and not giving his hold cue which is all of his strength), and it doesn’t five an inch or make me doubt it.

indie in the landshark sport 1.5 inch collar
You can see quite nicely here the cobra clip that is one of my favourite features of this collar. (please ignore indie’s bandaged paw – I promise he didn’t hurt himself too badly, just his own silliness.)

What Don’t I Love About It

Well, there’s really only a couple of things.

First and foremost, there’s a ring of elastic that keeps the excess collar flat and secure on the narrow side of the buckle – but – it kind of ruins the look? Because the elastic is a pinch smaller than the collar fabric, it causes the collar to wrinkle – which is really really minute and barely relevant, but it’s not my favourite thing and I think it’s something Landshark could improve on.

Then, there’s the weight. This collar is not build for medium, small or light framed dogs. Yes, I totally understand that smaller breeds don’t often use a wider band collar, and it kind of comes with the territory, and that that’s partially why I love this collar, is the security it offers, but it is heavy.

To compare? The Landshark collar weighs Xg and the Ruffwear collar weighs Yg. But would I trust the ruffwear collar with a reactive dog? Uhm… no. So I guess the point here is that pick this for a bigger, stronger dog for whom a little extra weight is no problem


indie in the landshark sport 1.5 inch collar

Do I Recommend The Landshark Sport Collar?

Hell yeah I do! It’s a really nice collar!! Honestly, this is one of the nicest products I’ve had the fortune of trialing in a long time.

So much so, that I’m actually looking at transferring the hounds over to these (when we aren’t trialing other products that come with their own collar that can’t be detached!). They’re high quality and sturdy. For reference the hounds are 75lbs, but they have a long neck, so the Landshark works perfectly for them.

It’s now become my go-to collar for Indie, and I have no doubts about it which is why it’s one of my most highly recommended pieces of equipment for large dog breeds.

The Landshark sport collar starts at $54.99 and comes in sizes ranging from 13″-26″, and is available over at Landsharks own site,

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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