Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy By Steve Mann, An Honest Review.

June 17, 2021
June 17, 2021

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy came out a few years ago, and was written by Steve Mann.

It’s a book focused on helping new puppy parents get the best of their puppies and is a collection of all of Steve Mann’s information, learnings and findings as a professional dog trainer.

Is Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy the Puppy Bible?

Raising a puppy is one of the single toughest tasks you’ll do – besides raising children. But, kids and puppies raise very different issues, so having a book to guide you through every step, seems like a fantastic idea to me, and something I really wish I’d had before I’d gotten Indie!

God only knows, I made mistakes, we all do (so please don’t punish yourself) But having a reference text that I could dog-ear, note on, and use time and time again? Would have been a life saver in raising my pup. 

And I know it would be the same for so many people.

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy is making puppy training accessible – something I’m massively passionate about.

About The Author

Steve Mann is the head of the IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) and has a wealth of knowledge under his proverbial belt. He is probably currently the largest name in positive reinforcement training in the UK, and has provided some genuinely huge training results – he’s definitely an author who I can respect.

This book claims to be a “simple step-by-step guide to raising and training a happy puppy or dog”.

But is it so simple? 

Yes and no?

Nothing good is ever easy, right? You brought home a puppy and surely you didn’t think it was going to be plain sailing from there on out, right?

The book, however, does introduce it in an easy manner. The fact it’s short, written in easy to understand language and talks directly to you, the reader, makes you feel very involved and ditches the somewhat archaic formality of dog training books of the past.

It comes in three formats, Kindle, Audio and Paperback. I elected for the Audio so that I could listen to what’s said (I engage more audibly than I do simply reading, it’s my preferred way of learning), so picking up an audible account seemed like an easy solution in order to hear the author himself read it to me – super lazy, huh?

For me? This made me feel like this was even more doable (well, when taking myself out of my shoes and putting myself in the shoes of a new puppy parent!)

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy's Author, Steve Mann & one of his dogs.
Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy’s Author, Steve Mann & one of his dogs.

Why do I need Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy?

Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy is a wonderful introduction to becoming a responsible puppy parent. One who wants to use modern training methods to get the best out of their dog and craft a partnership, as opposed to fostering uncertainty.

The book covers a number of topics, from your puppy’s first night at home, walks you through toilet training, body language, sitting, mouthing, socialisation, jumping up, response to name,  loose lead walking, recall, ‘touch’, and ‘leave’ (in a way) along with how to pick a puppy trainer and an alternative to a normal walk, known as a ‘backpack walk’ – which is my favourite!

All content that you and your puppy are really going to benefit from. 

I love that it covers the basics. It gives you the why, it gives you the how, and it gives a new puppy parent something digestible to get them into puppy training.

The author even gives you some great case studies from his career as a trainer with some famous names you may well know! And it does it all with levity and humour that I can really appreciate. The tone is certainly something that a stressed puppy owner would appreciate also.

Is Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy just for puppies?

This book is labelled for ‘puppies’ – but it’s really not. This is a book that can help most people. There may be some application of principles learnt to alternative situations, but there is advice in there for everyone.

This book will not just create good dogs but good owners. It is there to enhance your bond with your dog, to eliminate negative methods and show people the way.

Something I loved about this book was that it didn’t just tell you “Do X, then Y, Then Z and Presto! Perfect puppy”, no, it tells you why you should do it in a certain way, and even gives you examples of the problems it may create if you don’t! It’s a fantastic insight into the mind of your dog. 

Other than the wealth of knowledge, I have to say one of my favourite things is the humour in Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy. It’s easy to write a basic training book, but this genuinely had me laughing! Which is great, who doesn’t need a laugh? 

This is a great book for new puppy parents, and can really help, but it won’t solve all your issues.


It could do with covering diet a little move – Steve does cover it briefly, and he is certainly not wrong in saying it could be its’ own book – it certainly could – but I feel it was covered a little too lightly for new puppy owners to make good decisions about choosing a food. Though, it is a minefield, to be honest!

It also doesn’t really cover development. It very much hits the headlines and painpoints, but (in my opinion) that developmental part is really critical.

It could also hit more on enrichment, desensitisation and socialization in a more in depth manner – but then would Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy achieve it’s original goal of being a short compendium that’s easy to digest?

Probably not!

All in all,

So, in all, I must say I genuinely love Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy. It’s something that I think can make a difference for puppies and the dog community. It is for all owners and dogs, not just puppies, and it will (hopefully!) start opening some eyes about positive training methods. 

Think it’s for you? Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy is available on Amazon!


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