Big Barker Bed – An Honest Review

April 18, 2022
April 18, 2022

Anyone else feel like there are a lot of dog beds on the market, but that your big dog has nothing that’s actually appropriate when you own a dog that’s over 50lbs? Well, the Big Barker bed is specifically designed for big dogs.

When you consider that big dogs weigh as much as a child (small or not so small), I feel like we don’t put enough emphasis on our dogs beds for their continued wellbeing, health, happiness and even their behaviour.

Sleep is one of the critical parts of your dogs life. It’s where their little brain processes everything, where all their experiences become memories, and when an adult dog should sleep for 16hrs a day? This bed is somewhere where they’re going to spend two thirds of their life.

Well… split between their bed, your bed and the sofa (if your dogs are spoiled like mine!)

Whilst I did not pay for this bed, I am also not being paid for this review, this is my true and honest, unfettered opinion of this product, no words have been falsified or adjusted and it has been tested thoroughly to give you the best info possible.

So, two-thirds of your dog’s life… spent on a bed… and the ones you can pick up at nameless large brand stores are made from egg crate foam. Do you really think that has sufficient support? Even the ‘pillow’ style ones seem to be lacking.

My three dogs range from 70 to 90lbs… That’s why I decided I started wanting to look into good, supportive dog beds and when I did? One of the first names that came to my mind was Big Barker Beds – luckily they very quickly accepted my proposal to review their beds!

Indie laying on the Big Barker Bed - super, comfortable and super supportive as dog beds go!
Indie laying on the Big Barker Bed – super, comfortable and super supportive as dog beds go!

Introducing The Big Barker Bed

We tested the XL based on the recommendations from Big Barker that this was the appropriate size for a German Shepherd. The bed itself measures 52″ x 36″ x 7″ – which is actually (approx) half the size of a full sized bed – yeah! It’s big!


Incredibly Supportive
Easy Wash & Dry
Super roomy
Made in the USA
High Quality
10 year warranty
Water resistant


Collects floof
Limited colours

This bed has a huge amount of appealing features, from being made in the USA, to being wonderfully orthopedic and supportive, having sizes enough to fit a sprawling Great Dane, to a whopping 10 year warranty and a year’s guarantee that you’ll love it, or your money back – the Big Barker Bed truly offers a lot to the market.

The incredibly support comes from their three layer design. The foam is essentially a support sandwich, the white outer foam is softer, the blue is more supportive. So this way you get the comfort and the support and compromise nothing.

They’re also hugely transparent about their materials, American-made zippers, microsuede picked to resist digging and nesting behaviours, foam (certified by CertiPUR-US®) and glue – all of it has been selected to omit harmful chemicals, and minimise risks to your dog. It’s pretty much as pure as pure gets.

Big dogs have big dog needs, and that's more support. The Big Barker bed offers that in abundance
Big dogs have big dog needs, and that’s more support. The Big Barker bed offers that in abundance

The bad parts are truly minimal. I’m not a big fan of the microsuede fabric that they’re using on the bed cover, it collects a lot of fur too, but it’s very washable and durable so… I get it.

Rebarkable Recommendation

I’d always recommend your dog has their own bed. This means: Seperate beds for each dog in a multi-dog household, a space away from you, your kids or family members, a place that is just theirs.

Then it comes down to price and a limited colour palette – and even the price? I get that too! If this bed can prevent or minimise arthritis, potentially impact dysplasia which may result in an expensive veterinary treatments and even have a chance at lengthening the lifespan of my dogs?

To be honest, I can reason the price – and they have finance packages available if your bank balance can’t.

Favourite Feature Of The Big Barker Bed

The Study…

Did you know this bed has a scientific study behind it? I mean… what sort of dedication do you have to your product to have a study performed on it? That is pure, true, faith right there – and the proof is in the pudding too.

Lucy sleeping on the big barker bed
Lucy sleeping on the big barker bed – it’s a really wonderfully comfortable bed that my dogs genuinely adore.

With the results the study found, things like:

  • 21.6% Reduction in pain severity
  • 17.6% Increase in joint function
  • 15% Increase in quality of life

These numbers are pretty darn impressive, and that’s after 28 days. Can you imagine the long term differences that sleeping on a bed of proper construction would have for your big dog?

Hip or elbow dysplasia… IVDD…. Osteoarthritis… I mean how much of a difference could a bed like this make on these conditions?

Delivery & Packaging

I know this is really mundane – but it makes a difference.

The Big barker bed comes in a relatively small box actually. It’s wound tight with plastic, sealed together and is both water tight, and densely packed. So, as it goes? This is the most eco-friendly way I’ve seen a dog bed shipped – especially for it’s size!
It also comes with some really helpful little one sheets that even advise you how long to let the bed rest before letting your dog sleep on it.

Low maintenance

Whether you’re hoovering it, or washing it… it’s seriously simple. Because of it’s sleep design there’s nowhere for the hair to get trapped, there’s nowhere for dirt to lurk. Instead? Your hoover deals with it.

As for washing it? Not only is it incredibly simple to unzip and wash, (I prefer to line dry it!) but there’s no shoving it back into the cover either. It washes clean really easily too – one of ours did vomit on it, and it washed clean really easily.

Indie the german shepherd and his dinosaur sleeping on a Big Barker Bed
Indie the german shepherd and his dinosaur sleeping on a Big Barker Bed

Who Is The Big Barker Bed Great For?

Big dogs (no duh, eh?)

From Labradors and Coonhounds to Wolfhounds and Newfoundlands. There is a huge reason to invest in a good quality dog bed like the Big Barker, regular dog beds just don’t cut it. They don’t give the support or the size for your dog to properly stretch out, to lounge and relax – it’s why a lot of big dogs end up on the sofa if they can.

The Big barker can support a dog up to 250lbs in weight – which means even the heaviest known dog breed (the English Mastiff) is able to sleep on this bed.

Active dogs

Whether from dog sports, or from hiking, if your dog is a dog who leads an active life like our hounds? Then these beds are the right option. Proper supportive rest as part of any recovery process is important, and a supportive bed can help prevent injuries.

The Poorly Bred

This is not an insult!! But if you’ve since learned that your dog wasn’t responsibly bred with health in mind? Or if you don’t know their background, this could be the one for you.

If you’re aware that your dog hasn’t been well-bred – like I am for Indie – and is a breed prone to joint issues (like Indie!), you may really want to consider the big barker. You may not know for sure that your dog is going to develop problems with their joints, but if looking into the possibility of protecting what they have, this bed may just be your right choice.

Minimalist homes or wood floors

It’s a really simple design, which I personally love? I don’t like big, flouncy beds that are hard to clean. If you want to keep your home clean, it washes easy, it doesn’t scratch your gorgeous hardwood floors either. It’s actually really grippy on hardwood floors and doesn’t move

Rebarkable Recommendation

If you have a sensitive dog who loves their own bed? Then taking the cover off of that bed and putting it loose on the Big barker may help them transition from one to the other!

Who Isn’t The Big Barker Bed Best For?


If you have a dog who likes to destroy beds, you probably already know that this bed isn’t for your dog. Where it’s expensive and vulnerable? This isn’t for you.

I will just take this opportunity to say that if you are experiencing this, there’s likely another reason such as separation anxiety or boredom. So, if you’re struggling with bed chewing please don’t just look for a more robust bed – treat the problem, not the symptom! I can help with that

Do I Recommend The Big Barker Bed?

Yeah, I really do.

I once got told that the mark of a good dog bed for a big dog was if you could sit on the bed comfortably for a long duration. And, well. I have spent my entire time writing this review sat on the bed, and I can totally confirm it’s comfortable and supportive for me too.

For long term health, the best way to embrace the Big Barker is from a young age. Not only will this mean that you really get your money’s worth, but it’s going to be the very best thing for your dogs long term health.

Your only choice now is round, square and how much surround?

If you want to get your dog one of these phenomenal beds? You’re going to want to head over to the Big Barker Website!

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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