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September 30, 2021
September 30, 2021

“Ali Smith, Rebarkable? Ali?”… oh dear, that’s me… One second! 

Today, we’re going to be taking a slight divergence from the normal postings that are almost wholly about dog training (and if not, they’re dog relevant), so that I can tell you a little about me – because this is the 100th post on Rebarkable

I’m massively proud to have gotten this far, and earned 3 awards and the title of ‘World’s Best Pet Blog’ in this incredibly short period of time.

I’m hugely excited, so I figured I’d deviate a little, and show you guys a little bit more about me! About the crazy lady behind the words. 

I figured I’d share a few little tidbits about me that you probably don’t know. Why? Well because I want you to have unparalleled insight into my mind… Nope! More because I know that sometimes I can be a little business-y and I’m not just a dog trainer… There’s a person behind the crazy dog lady too.

It might make a few things fall into place too when you read it? Haha, who knows! 

d’awww there’s my puppy… what a cutie huh? I don’t think I would be “Ali Smith of Rebarkable” without this one sticking his snoot in! Thanks Indie.

1 – I, Ali Smith, Run Rebarkable Alone – Well, With Indie!

Rebarkable is a solo project. It’s just me in the office! I have a couple of experts in other things (thank you, too!) because my “Zone of Genius” is dogs, right? Not WordPress or Activecampaign, or even Instagram! I like to spend my time giving you guys the power to raise your puppy right! 

2 – I Kind Of Slipped Into Dog Training.

I learnt the proper methods of training in order to help my own dog, Indie, overcome his reactivity. Then I found myself, as a dog walker, doing dog training sessions at a fraction of the price whilst I was qualifying to train – and then I made the transition. I’d already helped a lot of dogs at that stage, and figured I was better off investing my time in helping others with their training issues, than enjoying their dogs company around a field.

COVID then cropped up and I managed to invest a lot more time into progressing my studies further – every cloud has a silver lining, right?

3 – Chocolate > Alcohol.

I’m not a big fan of alcohol! I’ll drink a little? But if I have 10 units in a year I would be astonished (2019 exempt as I did get married, c’mon now, go easy one me!). I’m not a big fan of alcohol and I don’t feel I need to indulge. But chocolate? Yep, that’s where my heart and soul is – sugar is totally my vice over anything in life – but hey, I never claimed to be perfect – just darn close…

4 – I’ve Spent A Lot Of Time Around Thoroughbreds.

My grandparents owned, bred and raced thoroughbreds in Ireland, so every school holiday, that’s where I was. helping out with all of that (and making a huge fuss of the stable dogs!). It’s still very much a dream of mine to buy back the bloodline my Grandad nurtured and one day get them racing and winning again – but that’s a fair way off, I expect. Grandad also had cattle and kept a vegetable garden, and I’ve already gotten to that bit! 

5 – I’m A Bit Of A Geek… Ok, Massive Geek

Does it shock you? I really hope it doesn’t. But yes! I’m a big fan of anything comic-book-y, marvel particularly, but not just this. One of my favourite things in the world is a Tuesday morning, because it’s the release of the Glass Cannon Podcast – oh yeah – to anyone that doesn’t know? It’s a variant on a Dungeons and Dragons real play podcast – How nerdy! But yeah, I love it and get far too involved haha. It’s also part of the reason I really like podcasts! And why I’m starting one!!

I’ve also played almost every generation of Pokemon game to date, and still enjoy a little bit of downtime on a console (not that I get much time right now!). Oh! And I loved Game of Thrones, read all the books at least once, but just… don’t talk to me about the ending of the TV show… grumble grumble.

6 – On the Geeky Theme…

My background before my career in the pet industry; Finance, before that? Physics. Yep! Big switch, huh? I worked in London for years as an accountant, and I studied physics at university. Now I train dogs! So many people get confused when I tell them that, and the natural question is, “huh?” Shockingly all three have far more in common than you’d potentially estimate.

Physics is problem-solving the world around you.

Accounting is problem-solving the numbers behind a business.

Dog training is problem-solving the dog in front of you.

Kinda makes sense, right?

Also, I love animals and I can be strong-minded and I’m not afraid to voice my opinions, which doesn’t always go down too well in more corporate positions I’ve found! So, being my own boss with my own ambitions, drive and control is perfect for me!

Irish soda bread one of my favourites
Irish soda bread one of my favourites – with real butter though, please. None of that fakey rubbish!

7 – I Really Love To Cook.

When I do get downtime? I love to make things from scratch, whether that’s mexican food (this weekend’s triumph was some phenomenal homemade salsa, guacamole and chicken quesadillas – yum! Even if I do say so myself), baking or a traditional Roast Dinner. I love to spend time making food when I get the opportunity – I am, however, rubbish at tidying up after cooking, and loathe washing up… To me, it’s tedious beyond belief!  

If I had to say one thing was my real pièce de résistance? That would be my Apple Pie, it is very highly thought of amongst my family – and yes, I even make the pastry myself. 

Alas though! I don’t tend to get an enormous amount of time for it at the moment (much to my husband’s delight at not having to clean up after me! Hehe). I do also cook for Indie and the Girls every now and again, even though he is raw fed, he and the girls love some bone broth.

I will say though, I’ve really struggled with baking since I moved to maryland! We’re at a totally different altitude and I’ve changed from celsius to fahrenheit and to a gas oven! Ah! Talk about confusion! I’m still not quite getting it right, but I’m learning all over again… just more problem solving, right?

Ali Smith, Your Problem-Solver!

And there you have it! I enjoyed sharing a little about what I love (other than dogs). So just a few random facts about me. Hope they made you smile at very least? 

I’m a dog mum, a brit, a baker, and someone who is massively passionate about everything I do – which I think shows in what I bring to you guys, right? 

If you want to work with this wonderful weirdo? A great starting point is pupdates!!

Author, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Positive Puppy Expert, dog trainer and is the founder of Rebarkable. She is passionate about helping puppy parents get things right, right from the start. To help create a puppy capable of being a confident and adaptable family member and keep puppies out of shelters.

Ali has won multiple awards for her dog training, and has had her blog (this blog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ best pet blog!

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