You’ve taken your first step on the route on turning your wonderful puppy into a confident, capable and adaptable adult! Woo!

I’m so excited to have you and your pup on board for this.

Remember the following

1 – You don’t have to read everything

Reading everything will help, but this isn’t a test. Read what’s relevant, read what you’re having issues with.

2 – If you fall behind, that’s okay!

This is not the sort of program where you have to do every week, in order, and do the tasks in order.

Nope! It’s something you can dip in and out of as you and your wonderful puppy need support, but obviously there is a world of knowledge right at your fingertips!

3 – Be patient

This can be really tough. But good things come when you put in the work. If you can follow this for a year?

Just one year… you will have laid the foundations you need for success. I have no doubt about that.

4 – Go join the community!

You’re now entitled to join the Paw-rents support club, Pup Club! So make sure you go join!

And don’t miss out. Because we’re on this journey together.