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About Ali Smith

Emotionally intelligent, modern scientific based trainer, Ali Smith is a multi-award winning trainer. She thrives in business and knows that we can give a whole new generation of dogs the very best – which is no less than what they deserve. 


About Rebarkable

Rebarkable is the home of everything trustworthy for new puppy parents and dog owners alike. Ali speaks her mind and is always up to date with the most recent scientific research. Rebarkable aims to give modern advice, appropriate support and guidance for the dog lovers of the world with honest content that aims to give the reader all the tools they need to make the most informed decision possible.


The OG! The blog is what founded Rebarkable, everything else came afterwards. This is where I cut my teeth and everything, be that a video for YouTube, or a Podcast, becomes a blog too. 

I’m averaging at least 1,500 words for most posts. 

And it’s growing quickly!

Gender  Female
Age 18-34
Location USA & UK


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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How It Works


Get in touch! Let’s discuss your budget & what I can do to help you make your product or service shine!

We’ll arrange payment, you’ll send the product over, and we’ll begin! I’ll test the product thoroughly and let you know if it’s something we’ll support on Rebarkable. This period allows me to truly get to grips with your product. 

I’ll then let you know if your product has been approved, and the remainder of the payment will be made.

This phase takes roughly 4 weeks for standard products (unless your product takes longer for optimum effect).

Testing, Testing…


Then the deliverables will be finished drafting by me, and you will be asked to review the content! 

Feedback should be returned by email and elements of it will be implemented in order to keep the review true, accurate and in keeping with the tone of the blog. 

The piece will be published! All content is then complete. It will be shared as discussed. 


Featured In

over 30 publications and podcasts!



Who will create the content?

Me! I create the content. As it is my blog and my audience, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be anyone but me.

How long does it take?

A rush piece, if questions are answered provided swiftly, delivery is prompt and all payments are made efficiently, the post can be live in 5 weeks if you need. 

Normally however, it takes about two months.

How much content will you produce and how will they be publicised?

Well! That’s a wonderful question.

This entirely depends on your budget. So, let’s chat about it! My offerings are entirely bespoke for you and your business to make sure you get the most out of it! 

However, if you want a little inspiration? 

Here’s a few things I’m more than confident producing for you! 

  • Blog posts (various lengths)
    • Listicles
    • Reviews
    • Recipes
  • YouTube Videos
  • Podcast mentions
  • Instagram
    • Posts
    • Reels
    • Stories
  • Pinterest
    • Pins
    • Video Pins
  • Facebook
    • Post
    • Stories
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • And more!
Will you do exclusivity?

Not as standard. 

It can be done, it will (of course) cost more, and it will take longer to schedule you in. 

How Will The Sponsorship Be Disclosed?

In accordance with the FTC, all posts will contain no follow links, and will be disclosed fully and openly. 

Historically though, this makes no difference to the post, it’s content or it’s reliability – if anything – it makes it more trustworthy in the eyes of my audience!

Can my brand ask for specific things?

Absolutely. I will always try and accommodate what my partners need!

Can you do custom product photography?

Whilst I ask that you provide stock images for products, I am an amateur photographer and am confident taking shots! This comes as standard with all posts.

We can of course do professional photography if you wish. 

How & when will we make payment?

This depends, for services it’s a one off payment upon engagement.

For a product? There is a testing fee to start, this protects both of us. 

This means I don’t have to represent a company that doesn’t produce high enough quality products, and it means that you haven’t made full investment either. 

Upon successfully completing the testing phase, the remainder of the agreed rate will become payable. Upon this payment, production of the content will commence!

It’s good to note that the testing fee is non-refundable. 

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