10 Tried & Tested, Delicious Kong Recipes For Your Puppy!

May 26, 2021
May 26, 2021

Kong’s are awesome, we know this! Whether you need a little inspiration, or you’re just starting (and if you are? I would thoroughly recommend giving How To Use Your Kong a read!)

Sometimes knowing where to start with a Kong is tough! What to use… how to do it… the gamble of whether your dog will love it enough? So much unknown! 

You need recipes! Right? You don’t go straight to making a cake, you read a recipe! So I wanted to give you some great ideas for your dog to enjoy. There is something in here that they’re going to love – and you’re going to love as a result! 

Do you feed Kibble?

You can mix in your kibble to any of these recipes! Why not?!

1 – Banana Split

Frozen Banana • Yoghurt • Peanut Butter

Peel and slice the frozen banana, mix together the banana, yoghurt and kibble (If desired!) and spoon into the Kong! When you’ve finished? Plug the hole with doggy friendly peanut butter, and voila! 

This one also works great with carrots or apples or some yummy fruits and berries! Oh! And remember you can mash the banana for smaller Kongs! 

Please make sure that all peanut butter used in these recipes is free of Xylitol, this is an artificial sweetener which is toxic to dogs.

2 – Pork Is A Nice Sweet Meat

Ground Sausage meat • Apple •  honey • yoghurt

Cook up some sausage meat (or simply slide out of their casings), cook them a little just to brown them. Once cooked, allow them to cool in a bowl, mash it down a little more with a fork if necessary. Add in some little cubes of apple, and maybe some honey and yoghurt! Alternatively? Switch the honey and yoghurt for some pureed apple! Awesome sticky stuff! 

3 – Roast Beef

Roast Beef • veggies • mashed potato

Doesn’t that look good? Does to me! I am British, and this is one of our favourite meals (especially in the depths of winter… I’d best stop or I’ll get homesick!). And I can promise it’s going to be just as appealing to your dog.

And all of that – provided that the gravy is low sodium – can be mashed and stuffed into a kong! This one works really well in any combination with your Sunday Roast! Separate some potatoes off before you do the roast, snag some veggies from the dinner, and importantly, some yummy yummy beef trimmings! (Try not to take too much fat) and mix it together!
Spoon it into the kong and let your pup enjoy!  

4 – Peanut Butter Bliss

Kibble • Peanut butter • Yoghurt (easy)

Super simple, but mix together a good spoon of peanut butter with some yoghurt (to loosen it up!) and mix it with their regular kibble! Stuff it into the Kong to create a super simple and effective recipe for your Kong loving pupper! If your dog isn’t a kibble eater – swap the kibble for some oatmeal and maybe some honey – yum!

Pumpkin Princess Kong recipe - looks super yummy, huh?

5 – Pumpkin Prince/Princess 

Pumpkin Puree • Yoghurt • oatmeal 

Ugh – this one even sounds yummy to me! Throw a little pumpkin puree in a bowl, match it with yoghurt (even add some honey if you want to!) mix in some oatmeal, and that’s it. Simple stuff – but yuuuuuuuuum!

6 – Liver Lovers

Liver Pâté • Green Beans • shredded chicken

A gorgeous (low sodium!) Liver Pate would be perfect to mix with some torn up chicken and some green beans or peas, or other nutritious and delicious greenies! Don’t stuff this one too tightly? Because that Liver Pate is going to be really rich and you may get some … *ahem* sloppy outcomes! 

7 – Veggie Spectacular 

Carrot • Spinach • Green Beans • Cauliflower • Brocolli • Sweet Potato

And you don’t have to stop there! You can do all of these veggies from frozen (Except the sweet potato!). Roast the sweet potato, mash it down, mix it with all your other veggies and stuff your kong! Remember you can throw any veggies in here, and if you’re feeling it? Why not mix in a little chicken?

Bone broth for dogs, a sure fire way to make dinner delicious!

8 – Pimped out Kibble

Bone Broth • Kibble • Veggies

With your pre-preared bone broth – allow the kibble to sit in it for about 10 minutes. Mix in some veggies and stuff it into your kong! If you want to really pimp it out? Plug the hole with some peanut butter and I tell you what? Your dog is going to be the happiest puppy around. Wait – you don’t know how to make it? Well, here’s my recipe for bone broth!

9 – Cheesy Wonder

Cottage Cheese • Chicken • Kibble 

Am I the only one getting hungry? Ugh, my tummy is rumbling reading all of this! Shred up some chicken, mix it with some gorgeous, goopy cottage cheese and then – if you feed kibble – add in some kibble. Stuff it into your Kong and watch the Wonder unfold. 

10 – Stewed Meat 

Stewed meat • veggies

Any stewed meat is a lovely one to put in here! Meatlover and Jr do some great stews and pate’s – baby food works too! Why not snag some of these and use them as your cheat day! That day when you’re busy? Do it! If you feel like it, throw in some leftover veggies or even frozen ones! 

Now go! Get adventurous!

pureed fruits and vegetables are a great thing to add to a Kong to keep textures changing and tastes interesting!

Any pureed fruits and vegetables are a great thing to add to a Kong to keep textures changing and tastes interesting! Berries, fruits, cucumbers, greens, carrots! So long as it’s doggy friendly? Why would you not try it? And, if you find something genius – share it with me! I’d love to know!

So there you have it, there are your ten! Your dog will love them, that much I’m sure of. And all these yummy pictures have gotten me a little hungry too! So, whilst I go grab myself some food (and likely go make a Kong for my Trio of dogs!)  tell me what you think? Do you have a recipe you’d love to share with your fellow Kong-ers? Email me!

Keep It Interesting

If you’re looking for more inspiration? Then why not go check out our post about High Value Treats? This should help to inspire you as to some lovely, teasing tidbits to put in there and keep your puppy entertained

Or maybe you’re still a little unsure about how to proceed? Or maybe need some more inspiration! Why not check out our How To Use Your Kong post and share all of this with your doggy communities on Facebook – make sure to tag me too! 


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