Get it right, right from the start

Jumpstart Your Puppy Training is here! Sign up now! And it’s totally free

Introducing Jumpstart Your Puppy Training! 

This free five day interactive course is designed for new puppy parents who need to take that first step in training.

We cover Biting, Toilet Training, chewing on the furniture, routine, sleep and helping your puppy to learn their name. 

You’ll join a pop up facebook group where you and your puppy will join in with lots of other puppy parents to learn about how to integrate your puppy into your home. 

Every morning you’ll be set a task covering something one of the subjects of the challenge and you’ll be given all day to complete it! 

Every afternoon there will be a live Q&A with me for you to get your questions answered right there and then so we can get you and puppy zooming through your training!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Does My Puppy Have To Be?

This is aimed at puppies who have only just come home, so your puppy can be as young as 8 weeks!

Do I Need Anything?

Some things! But I have tried to keep it as minimal as possible. Ideally, you need:

– Treats

– Toys 

– An abundance of patience 

Does My Puppy Need Their Vaccinations For This?

Nope! Just you and your puppy will be required – well, and your family ideally!

Are You Sure This Is Free?

Yep, absolutely free. 

The only thing will be that I will (of course) do a teency bit of marketing – but it’s marketing that is really going to help you in the long run, I wouldn’t try and sell you stuff for the sake of it! 

Clear, Authentic And Encouraging

We have all learnt so much from your videos, you are clear, authentic and encouraging.

Our family ranges from 6 yrs old – 43 yrs old and your style engaged us all.

The emails, were also really helpful for me and have consolidated the info learnt.”

– Rachael, Vinnie & Family

Hi! I’m Ali.

I’m an award winning puppy trainer who has worked with over 1200 dogs and their families.

I know what your puppy is capable of. I’ve chosen to specialise in puppies because I know where this can go wrong in the future, I’ve helped fix those issues too! 

I’m a thorough believer in getting things right from the start, and that’s what I want to help you do.

Let’s raise your puppy right!

Ali from Rebarkable and her dog Indie